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Please send any refund requests to Apologies if we don't get back to you immediately, in order to ensure the cinema can continue our staff will be returning to furlough, but we will be dealing with them as soon as we can. Thank you to all who supported the Curzon during our brief December re-opening and we hope to open back up for you all soon.


Stream With Us

The Curzon has teamed up with South West Silents to bring you a dazzling slice of tremendous 1920's cinema. Following the film is a bonus treat from Neil Brand who, as well as being the master behind this re-score of Piccadilly, brings us an insight into the history of film.

Seaside Cinema

Save the date!

Dust off the doom, banish the gloom, Seaside Cinema is coming. This year we are packing more in than ever before because we are all in need of some happy. Full line-up and tickets to be announced soon!

Gift Vouchers

available online

The perfect Christmas present and the perfect way to support the Curzon through the tough times ahead. Gift vouchers are available to buy online via the link below. They have no expiry date and you can add any amount you wish, over £10.

Safety First

We are taking all of the necessary precautions to make our cinema as safe as possible for you, our staff and our volunteers once we return. Find out more on our COVID-19 precautions page.

Welcome to Clevedon's

Historic Cinema

Our magnificent cinema has been in continuous operation since April 1912 and was saved by the local community in 1996. We add to the Curzon story every day with our vibrant programme of film and events.

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