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Relaxed screenings create a sensory friendly and inclusive environment for those on the autism spectrum, people living with dementia and anyone who would benefit from a relaxed cinema experience.

The lights will be left on low throughout the screening, the sound will be at a lower volume, there are no adverts/trailers or entry music prior to the film. Customers will have freedom to move around the auditorium if necessary and there will be a quiet area for people to relax in our Oak Room. We also display extra signage in the cinema to make the building easier to navigate.

We hope these relaxed screenings make the cinema-going experience accessible for as many people as possible.

Sensory friendly sets are available to borrow for any of our film screenings: they include a pair of ear defenders and a sensory twiddle-muff. Just ask to borrow one from the front desk, staff will be happy to help.

Sorry, there are no listings available.