Our Patrons

  Bristol based Aardman have pledged their support to the Curzon Community Cinema Restoration Fund.

Aardman founders David Sproxton and Peter Lord and Director, Nick Park, have all become patrons of the appeal and hope that their commitment will add to the widespread support for the restoration of this historic community cinema.

The following statements reflect the thoughts of all at Aardman:

David Sproxton - Managing Director:

"From time immemorial people have sat around a flickering light telling each other stories. Cinema, with its many technical innovations, has carried on this tradition for more recent generations and the Curzon Cinema in Clevedon symbolises the continuity of this tradition during its long life. Here's hoping that future generations will be able to enjoy the delights of the cinema for many years to come."

Nick Park - Director:

"Being part of the film industry in the West, this campaign is something that is particularly important to me and worth supporting. The Curzon is a significant part of our cinema history and we need to protect it for the future."

Peter Lord - Chairman:

"The Curzon Cinema is obviously important to the people of Clevedon but it has a real material and international significance as well. It will be wonderful to see this treasure of cinema history restored to its former glory."

Sir Charles Elton was an Independent Producer before joining Carlton TV as an Executive Producer in Drama in 2000. His productions as Producer or Executive Producer include 14 episodes of 'Roughnecks' starring Ricky Tomlinson for BBC1, 'The Passion', a 3-part series for BBC1 starring Gina McKee and Paul Nicholls, the Oscar nominated short 'Syrup' for Channel 4, a new film of 'The Railway Children' starring Richard Attenborough and Jenny Agutter for ITV and 'Lloyd and Hill' starring Michelle Collins. He has lived in Clevedon all his life.

Terry Gilliam first came to public attention as the creator of those unique and irreverent cartoons that were the hallmark of firstly the Monty Python TV programmes and then the subsequent films, Monty Python and The Holy Grail (which he co-directed) and The Life of Brian.

Mr Gilliam said:

"I am most proud, delighted and overwhelmed to patronize this historic cinema." 

Tony Robinson – Actor:

"I firmly believe that we are where we are because of the historical events that have shaped the past. The Curzon Cinema is part of that history; not just for the community it serves so well, but for all of us. It is an important part of our cinematic heritage. But The Curzon is in no sense a museum; it is a living, breathing modern community facility in use day in, day out.

I am proud to have the opportunity to lend my support to this valuable charity project, and thereby helping to secure a piece of our history for enjoyment by present and future generations."