The Curzon's favourites of 2017

What a great year for film! From the charming blockbusters of La La Land and Paddington 2 to the buzzing atmosphere of our Moulin Rouge Spectacular and Harry Potterthon as well as fantastic new British features such as The Levelling and God's Own Country it's been a wonderfully diverse year at the Curzon. Not only diverse but popular as well, this year (our 105th anniversary) has been our most successful year we have on record! Thanks so much to both our loyal regulars and our new customers who have helped make the Curzon in 2017 a fantastic place to be.

But now, yes it is that time of the year where all of the 'Best Of' lists come pouring out and everyone can enjoy disagreeing on everything from their top 5 albums to their top 5 types of trifle.In that spirit here are some of the favourite films and Curzon events from our staff, volunteers and trustees this year.

"The Moulin Rouge event, because the staff and volunteers had done such a brilliant job of making the cinema look gorgeous, the can-can dancers were fantastic, and even the audience looked beautiful!" - Richard Young (Trustee)

"Some highlights for me were Dunkirk on 35mm, the Potterthon, and Paddington 2 which is the only film this year to make me laugh out loud!" - Simon Savage (Volunteer)

"It’s between Logan, Dunkirk, War for the Planet of the Apes, Death of Stalin and Paddington 2. Oh blimey. Okay. DEATH OF STALIN. Loved its full-bodied black humour. Its energy, its performances. I thought the way it told the story, with Chapter Breaks and freeze-frame captions gave it just enough of a stylistic edge. Looked great too.  And the fact that it was based on true events added to the madness." - Niall Johnson (Trustee)

"Call Me By Your Name. A tender, affecting, intimate and passionate love story that is superbly directed. It's measured, well paced and the rural Italian sunshine is SOO SOO GOOD." -Luke Doran (General Manager)

"I thought I Daniel Blake was the most thought provoking film that I had seen in ages, really made you stop and think about life!" - Shirley Rainey (Volunteer)

"Thinking about UK cinema releases, I think my favourite film of the year is: The Levelling by Hope Dickson Leach. It's brilliant for its bravery; a gripping thriller that explores both the pitfalls of patriarchy and the difficulties of farming in contemporary Britain, the film examines one family's struggles after the flooding of the Somerset Levels. Hope Dickson Leach is a remarkable filmmaker who has captured both the bleak and beautiful nature of rural England." - Tara Judah (Trustee)

"Undoubtedly The Graduate. It’s one of my all time favourite films, for so many reasons. Seeing it for the first time on the big screen was such a treat. I thought I knew this film so well but had missed a couple of nuances you just don’t get watching it on a small screen." - Sara Blair (Marketing Manager)

"It was incredible seeing Mulholland Drive on the big screen, my first time seeing it and it hasn't left my head since. For my favourite release this year though I can't choose between Death of Stalin and God's Own Country. Death of Stalin rode the line perfectly between comedy and tragedy and God's Own Country portrayed the old world and the new world, love and anger, life and death together in incredible fashion. Two different but equally excellent British films. Also shout out to Blade Runner." - Olly Treasure-Smith (General Assistant)

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at the Curzon, here's to a great 2018 and another 105 years.