We are proud of the Curzon’s story and would like to share it with you on one of our guided tours.

A tour of the building will take you behind the scenes of one of the oldest cinemas in the country to reveal the sweep of the largest remaining example of skelionite pressed steel panelling) in the magnificent auditorium; the Edwardian Tea Room; our extensive collection of 20th century film technology and the impressive, although as yet un-restored, balcony. On the tour you will be able to contrast the equipment of the 1960’s Stanley Newton projection box with the cutting edge digital technology in the modern projection room and learn about how the cinema-goers of 1912 experienced the big screen…


Curzon History & Heritage


  • Involve everyone – we want all our guests to have a great time!
  • Discuss the history of the building in both a physical and social context
  • Explain our future plans and how you can help
  • Tailor your tour to suit your group’s ages and interests

The tours take around 1 hour. Be aware that the tour is over 3 floors, and there is no lift. However, the stairs can be tackled in short bursts, with a chance to rest at each level. If you have any special requirements then do get in touch in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Tours are arranged around our normal screenings.

If you wish to book a private group tour, please ring 01275 871 000, or send an enquiry to