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One year on, after Covid-19 closed the doors of the Curzon for the first time in its 109-year history, we are asking for your help.

Last year, after the Roof Restoration was completed with generous grants from Trusts and Funders, local businesses and the many donations from our fabulous community, we were able to remove the ugly, stained false ceiling that has hung over our auditorium since the 1970s. When we opened in October 2020, audiences were able to view, for the first time in 50 years, the barrel-vaulted ceiling and full proscenium … and our balcony.

Although we remain on-track to re-open in late May, the future remains uncertain and the charity has lost tens of thousands of pounds, having only been open for 4 weeks in the last 12 months. This means the next few years will be precarious for the Curzon. Social distancing has reduced our capacity from over 300 to just 90, while outgoings remain the same. However, if we revamp and re-open the beautiful balcony, then we can increase capacity, mitigating some of the loss that Covid-19 brings.


The balcony was closed to the public almost 50 years ago, we know many of you have called for it to be re-opened, if you’ve had a glimpse behind the scenes then you will have seen how incredible the auditorium looks from up there.

Urgently raising £70,000 to #bringbackthebalcony will help ensure we come back stronger and survive for future generations.
A little support will go a long way. You can donate to the Balcony Campaign by clicking donate and make your gift to help save the cinema.


If you would prefer to make your donation directly into our bank account, please email Or to discuss your donation call 01275 871000 to speak to CEO, Susannah Shaw.

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* If funds raised exceed the cost of the balcony project, they will be spent on the wider development of the Curzon and our activities.