Despite repairs over the years, rain water has been coming through the fragile roof tiles and damaging our magnificent building. The ornate tin panelling which reaches throughout the building and is the earliest and most complete example known to survive in England, is rusting and deteriorating and we are concerned for the safety of our collection of nearly 500 cinematic artefacts. To date water damage has been mainly “behind the scenes” and leaks have been managed by many buckets. However, from December 2018, water started to come into the main auditorium.


We are now deeply concerned for the long-term future of our building and urgently need to restore the whole roof to save the Curzon from closure.

The old tiles will be replaced with 12,833 new tiles along with major reconstruction. The total bill will be in excess of £600,000. We are delighted to have been granted £239,900 by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and, thanks to your donations together with the small surplus the cinema has made over the years, we are able to allocate £60,000 ourselves. We hope to raise £100,000+ from charitable trusts and £100,000+ from our local community and businesses.

So far our wonderful community has raised an incredible £109,000! This brings the amount secured to £457,000 towards the total cost of £600,000. We still need to secure a further £143,000 in order to be able to start work early next year.


Art on the Tiles

In December 2019, the Curzon Cinema auctioned 39 of our old roof tiles that had been transformed into unique works of art. Cinema lovers and film buffs had the chance to purchase the tiles, made locally at the Sidney Keen Brickworks in the 1920s, in a week-long eBay auction with tiles decorated by Nick Park, David Sproxton, Peter Lord, Alan Lee, Mark Kermode and more.


Your Curzon Charity Facebook Page
We have set up a new Facebook page where we share news about fundraising as well as celebrate our incredible heritage and wider community impact work. Join us today and help us share the message of the roof appeal.


Come and write a message on one of the new roof tiles for a suggested donation of £10. You will literally become part of the very fabric of the building that means so much to so many. We have had tiles “tagged” in celebration of birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, in memory of loved ones, with poems, with favourite films, with memories of the Curzon and even comments about politics and climate change. What will you write on your tile?
Visit the box office on Tuesdays (10am-2pm & 7pm-8pm) and Saturdays (10am-2pm) to tag your tile.


Business Friends of the Curzon 
Would your business like to become part of our brand new Business Friends for one year with a gift of £100 or more? This can either be a business donation or fund-raised through your business and will support our hard work to restore and develop your Curzon. Funds raised initially will be directed to our roof appeal. As a thank you,  we will invite you to our quarterly Business Friends events, provide a Business Friends window sticker and recognise your support on our website and Your Curzon Charity Facebook page.

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