Shanghai Express & Open Doors – Cinema Rediscovered

Tasked by Paramount bosses to find ‘the next big thing’, Austrian born director Josef von Sternberg lighted upon German silent star Marlene Dietrich bringing her to Hollywood following the success of their landmark German-made film The Blue Angel (1930.) Arriving in Hollywood at the dawn of the talkies, Dietrich and Von Sternberg had a seismic impact with a series of striking feature films marked by sensuous cinematography, beautiful design and elaborate camerawork. These visually intoxicating films redefined the visual style of filmmaking of the time, while Dietrich’s sexually ambiguous on-screen personas caused a sensation and turned her from actor to superstar and icon. Shanghai Express marks the commercial peak of an iconic collaboration with Dietrich at her wicked best as Shanghai Lily, a courtesan whose reputation brings a hint of scandal to a three-day train ride through war-torn China.

Showing as part of Cinema Rediscovered Festival we are opening up doors at 5pm before a 7.30pm start. Doors will be open for ticket holders to wander through the cinema building with our tour guides dotted around to relay the wonderful history of the Curzon; including a behind-the-scenes look at the projection booth, and a demonstration of our 1930s Christie cinema organ.

This event is part of Cinema Rediscovered, supported by BFI awarding funds from National Lottery. For the full line-up, visit the Watershed website.

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Run Time: 82 minutes

Rating: PG